iYerevan website is a new platform to develop, discuss and implement projects aimed at the improvement of Yerevan city through receiving suggestions from the citizens and getting to know their opinions.


This initiative of the Yerevan Municipality is a new way for dialogue with the citizens which allows to enter in a direct communication with the municipality and to discuss suggestions for city improvement in real-time.


The website allows our citizens to suggest solutions to the issues raised by them, as well as gives the opportunity to discuss the presented suggestions and projects.


The website also gives information about the already accomplished activities and projects. The suggestions aimed at the improvement of the city and received approval from the citizens, will be discussed in the respective departments of the Yerevan Municipality and will be implemented.


The website also provides information to citizens and companies about the projects aimed at the improvement of city economy and the solution of educational, cultural, social and other issues, giving them the opportunity to support the implementation of those projects by making their own contributions in the form of donations.


The creation of the website has been funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Armenia office within the framework of the “Beautiful Yerevan” project.