Effective management of waste disposal services
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Effective management of waste disposal services
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Tigran Arustamyan suggests:

I would like to come up with another suggestion. I think primary task of 1,200,000 populated Yerevan city is the effective organization of garbage disposal and sanitation cleaning process with modern methods and technologies, the creation of favorable conditions for inverting companies and also those who wish to invest in this field (for example, certain types of tax-exempt, added tax exemption for new machinery importers, etc.), frequent organization of cleaning days, educating and keeping in awareness of the citizens to maintain environmental cleanliness through social advertising (for example, via short target advertising and promotions, targeting existing problems and available solving). To implement the waste separation preliminary process, placing household and submissive for processing (paper, glass, plastic bottles, metal items) waste types for appropriate bins. Already for 10 years now, a new garbage recycling factory construction is being discussed, but unfortunately, I have to mention, that the cart is not moving.

I suggest building a modern waste recycling factory in Yerevan, with its appropriate substructures. Implement appropriate logos for bins (what kind of household waste for processing or submissive)municipal and all other city bins, installing new bins for recycling waste. Let's try common efforts to keep our city clean, make it more comfortable and attractive. Thank you in advance.


Thank you for your suggestion.

The Municipality of Yerevan has announced a competition of international operators to involve them in the sphere of waste management. In 2013 after the results of the competition have been summarized drastic alterations will be carried out in the sphere of waste management in Yerevan.