Garbage odor free Yerevan
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Garbage odor free Yerevan
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Hasmik Aleksanyan suggests:

Many buildings of Yerevan have internal garbage system (garbage pipes). It is impossible to walk by the building, go up and down the stairs, because scavenging is not done properly and there is a very unpleasant and unbearable smell throughout the building and even in the yards. All this also creates anti hygienic situation and especially in summer normal breathing becomes simply impossible.

I suggest, either to remove the garbage pipe system from the buildings or to organize their cleaning in such a way, so that there will be no odor. And just because I'm almost sure pipes cannot be properly cleaned, it will be better just to remove them. Thanks


Thank you for your suggestion.

The Municipality of Yerevan has announced a competition of the international operator to carry out reforms in the sphere of waste management. When the competition is summarized all such issues will find their solutions.