Network of FREE canteens
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Network of FREE canteens
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Arsen Torosyan suggests:

I suggest creating a network free canteens for vulnerable and needy people, so that a certain amount of street begging and eating from rubbish bins will be decreased. You can also put information about food reserves for canteens in your website, so that donation makers can follow and help in time. I think that there will also be philanthropist cooks, who from time to time will provide their services for free.

During the Great Depression years in the United States free canteens were sponsored by such people as Al Kaponen ...


Thank you for the suggestion.

The Department of Social Welfare of the Yerevan Municipality staff informs that 16 charitable canteens function in the administrative districts where 5 day a week (in some places – 6 days a week) 2 190 beneficiaries get food once a day.


Besides charitable canteens since December 23 2011 a hospice has been working at Vardashen 9, house 70 in the administrative district of Erebuni. The hospice was founded under the sponsorship of «Hans Christian Kofoed» foundation and homeless people are taken care of here. Since December 2011 up today 136 homeless people from the streets of the capital have been placed in the hospice where three times a day they are given food, they get clothes, medical care, as well as social and psychological services.


For additional information call on hot-lines of the Municipality of Yerevan 010-514-152, 010-514-187, 010-514-236, every working day from 9.00 to 18.00 as well as on 1-08 24-hour phone number. Get information on the addresses of the charitable canteens at MyYerevan webpage.