I suggest connecting Aram Khachatryan and Furmanov streets
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I suggest connecting Aram Khachatryan and Furmanov streets
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Karen Antinyan suggests:

Komitas avenue is a quite busy street and in order to avoid traffic jam drivers use the parallel street Hrachya Qochar. However there is another parallel street in the first part of Komitas avenue: Aram Khachatryan street, and another one at the end: Mamikonyants street (former Furmanov), and this streets don't intersect each other so in order to enter from A. Khachatryan street to Furmanov street the drivers have to pass through the Komitas avenue.

These two streets are separated by a few garages: I offer to dismantle those garages and connect those two streets to each other and and get another real alternative street for Komitas avenue.


Dear Karen,

The issue raised by you is welcomed and considers to be in the study phase of the Municipality, though, the solution isn't an easy task as it appears at first glance.

Yerevan City Hall will find possible urban solutions within the studies and discussions and will deal with this issue.

Thank you for concern and willingness.


Thank you for the offer.