Bicycle lanes and benches
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Bicycle lanes and benches
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Գրիգոր Մելքոնյան suggests:

1. People should start riding bicycles instead of using transportation menas. Through all the city where there are roads and streets there should be built bicycle lanes.At least  half of residents may have wish to ride bicycles in such a city which has a favorable weather like Yerevan. Along with providing bicycle lanes, the advocacy should be hold on starting form the officials ending with aged and disabled.

2. I think making and placing benches is much more expensive but it’s something necessary. We can follow the example of New York Central Park. The bench is financed by any citizen with the condition that his or his loved one’s name or why not his beloved dog’s name will be posted on the bench.

I have been in many countries. You can’t imagine how many things can be done in order to make the life in our Yerevan much more funny  and without expensive funds. If you need my experience, please, I will answer to all your questions.


Grigor Melqonyan.



Dear citizen,

During the working meeting invited by the Yerevan Mayor's Assistant Samvel Mertarjyan the perspective of creating new bicycle lanes in the capital has been discussed. The employees of Traffic police and Transportation Departmnt of the Municipality as well as the cyclists and other members of the initiative group took part in the meeting.

Taking into account the growth of cyclists in the capital, as well as the possibility to use bcycle as a transportation means, seeking to satisfy the existed demand Yerevan Municipality will open new cycling trails in the coming years.

The policy is the following: creating major routes that later will give branches. One of them has been put into operation last year, Started from the Vardan Mamikonyan's statue till the Moskovyan street part of the "Circul" park.

In this context, in Spring of 2014 from the part of Matenadaran of Mashtots Avenue till the the part of "Erebuni" museum at Erebuni street will be marked with proper traffic signs. The route will be both touristic and transportation.

Before that the working group will make studies during 10 days passing the road on foot and by bicycles. Thereafter together with traffic Police the project will be approved in order to bring it into life in Spring.


Dear citizen, thank you for raised question.