Clean up the porches of the building at Arshakunyants 46 from dumps
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Karina ... suggests:

My suggestion concerns the fact that the porches at Arshakunyants 46 are extremely dirty especially the 1st porch from the side of the arch passage. There is also no light there and when it’s dark it is really impossible to pass and the porch is in a very bad condition: the iron door is half broken, there is garbage everywhere and the elevator is improper as well.

I beg you to clean this porch from that garbage hanging from the electric wires. Just a little amount of money is required to repair the porch and put a proper door so as improper persons couldn't enter it. And it should be lit as well. Unfortunately I have no photo at the moment but tomorrow I'll attach it.


Dear Karina,

The Department of Communal Services of Yerevan informs that the porch of the block of flats at Arshakunyats 46 Has been cleaned and now it is in proper sanitary condition.

"Frunze 10" condominium which includes the mentioned building has been obliged to replace the door of the first porch with a new one. As regards the lighting of the arch passage it will be included in the further programs of yard areas lighting.


Thank you for the offer.