Solution of waste removal problem
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Tsolak Malakyan suggests:

A few months ago the dustbins at A. Manukyan 7 disappeared. At present the nearest dustbins are in A. Manukyan Street on the opposite side. Taking into account the absence of crossing, the new dustbins in this segment are not used. A result the residents use the area of former dustbins. So, the new ones are not used and the garbage from the buildings located behind North University is piled in the asphalted street becoming the beloved place for rats and dogs.

Solution 1st: Restore the dustbins in their previous place.

Solution 2nd: Create a crossing in front of North University.


Thank you for your suggestion.

The Municipality of Yerevan has announced a competition of international operators to involve them in the sphere of waste management. In 2013 after the results of the competition have been summarized drastic alterations will be carried out in the sphere of waste management in Yerevan.