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Վահագն Շախսուվարյան suggests:

Hello, this is my second suggestion. The problem of preserving the architectural look of the capital concerns me and everyone who loves Yerevan. We are very proud that Yerevan is older than Rome but those who don’t know this fact can hardly believe it. At the beginning of 2012 we were informed about “Old Yerevan” project the author of which is Levon Vardanyan. According to the project, the old dismantled houses in Main Avenue are to be restored. The works were to start this spring but it’s already winter and no work has been started. Without these buildings Yerevan loses its face. Besides, “Old Yerevan” project is of great significance for the development of Yerevan. Implementation of this program will bring lots of money and it will cover the expenses and promote further development of Yerevan.

Implemention of Levon Vardanyan’s project “Old Yerevan”.


Dear Vahagn, thank you for the suggestion.

In the spring of 2013 the design will be completed and then confirmed. The implementation is to be started afterwards. So, don’t worry.