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Davo Barcelon Davo suggests:

Respectable Taron Margaryan

The yards of the blocks of flats NN 72,70,68,66 are in awful condition, there has been done nothing since the «Communists» times: there is no light in the yards, no asphalt, no playground for children. And you know better than me the historical significance of this place: «Karmir Blur» («Red Hill») is a historical sight which has been turned into a dump. I beg you once again, come here yourself and see what's going on.


According to the Construction and Site Improvement Department of Yerevan municipality staff the issue was discussed together with the district of Shengavit and “Yerqaghluys” LLC.

As it is scherduled there will be hold on a “Cleaning Day” on March 23 and 24 at the area of “Red Hill” Archaeological Museum and what refers to the asphalting works of the yards of 66, 68, 70, and 72 buildings at Shirak are included in the 2013 working program of Yerevan Municipality.

For the street lighting of these above mentioned yards need to build an external lighting network with 12 columns which will be implemented in case of appropriate investments.


Thank you for the offer.