Please rebuild the park of Sebastia
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Please rebuild the park of Sebastia
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Rafo Hambardzumyan suggests:

We ask to reconstruct Park Sebastia situated in the administrative district of Malatia-Sebastia, as there is no place in this administrative district for a walk and a rest.

Change the tiles, organize a tree planting, increase the number of the benches and certainly put in work the fountains. Do not let this beautiful park disappear


Dear citizen,

We want to inform you that the open-air discussion was hold on in the "Malatia" park near the Sebastia street on the beginning of February. The discussion was devoted to the improvement activites of the park.

Reconstruction and renovation project has been presented to the Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Kamo Areyan, the head of the administrative district Malatia-Sebastia Artak Aleksanyan, the representatives of the Developement Program Office of UN as well as to the Staff of City Hall and Administrative District responsible for the respective fields.

The issues related to the land leveling, reconstruction of existing abutments as well as walls, platforms, stairs, playground have been discussed.

The total area of the park is 22.000 square meters. According to the new project the park will have pedestrian crossing starting from the monument of Narekatsi up till the Romanos Melikyan street which will complete the architectural composition of the Narekatsi Memorial - Church.

The existing 4500 square meters of the green area will be increased with another 9600 square meters, where will be planted trees, bushes and many types of flowers.

As a result of the discussions it's determined to build the playground in the central part of the park instead of the marginal, the existing road will be taken as a border as well as the park will have a place for parking.

Reconstruction and renovation works will start in spring, and before that another discussion will be carried out after the elaboration of the other reviews.


Thank you for the offer.