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Hripsimeh Gevorgyan suggests:

Respectable Mr Mayor and corresponding bodies,

there are some problems with the benches placed in the city. Maybe, it hasn't been taken consideration that there are trees in the capital in which birds had been nesting for years. So the benches placed under such trees get dirty. The problem is particularly evident in France square on the side of Conservatoire, about 4 benches, and in Mashtots avenue near Opera House there is another one...And in Abovyan street near Yeritasardakan Metro station in the opposite side there is an ill tree from which sticky stuff is pouring down and the bench under it becomes useless.. 

I suggest to replace the benches to more appropriate places. And the tree in Abovyan street is to be cured...


Dear Hripsime, thank you for your suggestion.


The corresponding department of the Municipality will discuss your suggestion.