Vacate the area from garages
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Vacate the area from garages

 I think the time has came when, little by little, building underground garages must be included on the improvement projects of the city. 

Sure, this kind of constructions are expensive, but in constructing one garage in an area in a year will not seem that much. During years we will have something we see in the picture. Free space can be used for building playgrounds, gardens, parks and green areas.


Thank you for your suggestion.

It’s a very good one. The policy of the Municipality of Yerevan aims at having a bigger number of well-arranged yard areas.

In 2012 about 400 yards were improved and the main part of them have been improved due to residents’ assistance. The residents willingly demolished their garages, or renounced the areas occupied by them and instead of them their children have well-improved yards and playgrounds. So, such programs will be long-lasting.