2015 New Year design contest


About the Contest 

Yerevan Municipality announced a Contest nominated "The best New Year Decoration" on the occasion of New Year. All the trading organizations of Yerevan administrative districts, enterprises, non-governmental organizations can take part in the Contest. The Contest will be held starting from December 1 till December 25 2014. The publication of the contest results and the award ceremony will take place in January 2015.


The Contest nominations

  1. The best festive decorated company
  2. The best festive decorated balcony
  3. The best festive decorated yard



The winners will be awarded by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan.


The main requirements for participation

The New Year decoration should be unique and harmonious.

It is preferable to use gold and blue shades in the decoration.

For participation you need to fill in the application below and attach the photos of the works (JPG, till 10 MB) as well as you should clearly indicate the data of the company, enterprise  or  individual citizen and give at least one phone number for feedback.

The New Year celebration of this year has its own logo which you can download here. It would be preferable to use it in the decoration.


Additional information

The decoration works of the New Year festive environment have been already started in Yerevan but it is also expected to have the participation and support of our citizens in order to ensure the complete look of festive decoration of the capital. The New Year decoration works of this year  will be implemented using gold and blue colors which are considered to be the festive decoration brand colors of Yerevan 2015.

The festive decoration of the show windows of shops and companies should be implemented according to the concept developed by Yerevan Municipality which you may find here or apply to the Trade and Advertising Department of relevant administrative district. It is also preferable to conglutinate New Year 2015 logo on the show windows of the companies and shops.