Contest of Yerevan City Tourism Symbol Development launched


Yerevan Municipality announces Tender Offer under this nomination:


"Yerevan City Tourism Symbol Development".



1. General Provisions:



Open Tender Offer for creative development of Yerevan City Tourism symbol, hereinafter “Tender”, is announced by External Design and Advertising Department of the staff of the Municipality of Yerevan, and is designed to collect suggestions for the creation of the logo. Selected ideas, possible logos as well as slogans will be used in brand creation. The Tender is open for everyone who wants to participate.




2. Tender Goals:


- Active participation of public in the establishment of the city’s symbol


- Discovery of creative and contemporary ideas, the usage of intellectual abilities and professional skills in the symbol concept development



3. The proposal should include:



Symbol ideology




4. Work selection criteria while selecting the work, the following criteria should be taken into account:


- Uniqueness and innovation of idea and logo


- Simplicity and attractiveness of idea and logo for both the citizens of Armenia, and the Diaspora and foreigners


- Centralization on city’s tourism, ascension of economy and investment attractiveness


- Adaption of logo/slogan/symbol to other languages


- Ergonomic and aesthetic value




5. The conditions and procedures for participating in the Tender:


- From 15th of November, 2012 till 15th of March 2013 upload the work in the relevant page of the website iYerevan following the submission of tender conditions.


- After 25th of March, 2013 open voting will take place in iYerevan and in the Facebook page. As a result the short list will be made from the presented offers (10 works having maximum number of points).


- On 10th of May the independent experts will be able to express an opinion about selected works, which will be taken into account in the final selection.




6.The Commission Staff.

- Final selection will be made by the Commission Staff which is formed by Yerevan Municipality. The Commission Staff members are:


Aram Sukiasyan

Advisor to the mayor for Cultural Affairs


Gaga Amatuni

Advisor to the mayor, chief designer


Araz Baghdasaryan

External Design and Advertising Department of Yerevan Municipality


Armen Harutyunyan

Development and Investment Programs Department of Yerevan Municipality


Kamo Movsisyan

Culture and Tourism Department of Yerevan Municipality


Maria Baraghamyan

Tourism Department of Yerevan Municipality




7. Target Group The target group of tourism logo includes:


- Diaspora, who should see the positive changes taking place in Yerevan.


- Foreigners, who has some idea about Armenia, especially about Yerevan.


- Foreigners, who are unfamiliar to our culture and history and we should influence with our first and positive impression.


- Armenians, who should assume the tourism logo and spread it, while telling foreigners about Yerevan.




8. Differences between competitors:


Being the part of touristic ternary (Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku) we need to study the symbols of our neighbors and vividly show the differences between the neighbors.




9. Award:


Tender winners will be awarded a diploma signed by a Mayor and incentive awards. They will be given an opportunity to implement localization work of logo in Yerevan on a paid basis.




10. Special Conditions:


- The authorship rights of selected woks will pass to Yerevan Municipality.


- An individual or an organization may submit unlimited number of proposals.




11. Goals and objectives of symbol of Yerevan:


- Yerevan is young city, who lives with world's pulse. It's a creative city, center for arts and festivals, city for individuals, and together with all this the city having a living history for more than 2794 years.


- The aim of branding: to raise the city's status and attractiveness for those living in Yerevan as well as in Armenia, and for foreigners. 


- The city lives, develops and at the same time preserves its traditions and individuality.


- One should focus attention on the changes, share positive emotions, expand the boundaries of impression about Yerevan, generate interest and positive perception and why not surprise, amuse, change attitudes towards the city.



- The touristic symbol of Yerevan through its message and content should have qualitative change in the current image of the city, reflect the development strategy of the modern city, encourage and strengthen the process of improvement of the city. It should be “umbrella” symbol, uniting various tasks of the strategy (make the city in a way we want to see it – “city for life”).




12. Visual implementation of the symbol: logo, symbols, slogan.


Basic requirements are:


- Clear formulation of the strategy and ideology, it should be simple, original, accessible to the public, universal, friendly, and it should have a “secret”, due to which people will speak about it and the sign will support itself.


- It should be decipherable in Latin and Armenian letters.


- The active participation of the public is important in this process.

Application for participation

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