"Museum of Love in Yerevan"
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"Museum of Love in Yerevan"
Հովհաննես Եղյան suggests:

I suggest creating “a museum of items made for lovers but never presented”. It will be a museum in Yerevan where presents for sweet-hearts will be displayed. I mean those presents which were made by one of the couple but never reached its addressee by some reason. For example, one is in love with an actor or a star or someone who is already married to another person and is eager to give this present on Valentine’s day, or the loved person refused to accept this present. So such presents will be brought to the museum and this item will be marked with the initial letters of the name and surname from whom and to whom the present is addressed. 

Probably, there won’t be so many people who would bring their presents to the museum, but the museum might spread the idea all over the world and there will be gifts from abroad. Unrequited love causes people taking various steps. I think the museum will attract a lot of visitors too. It will be a unique museum as there is no information on similar museums on the Internet. If the project is approved I will gladly participate in the arrangement of project myself exceptionally gratis.


Thank you for the offer.