Building an artificial waterfall near St. Sargis Church
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Building an artificial waterfall near St. Sargis Church
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Robert Frang suggests:




Hello, I have a wonderful offer: To make our Yerevan more beautiful and attractive for tourists. I’m sure that each of you has visited St. Sargis and has seen the nice view of Mount Ararat and Hrazdan Gorge and I guess you have also noticed that except of river Hrazdan there is a small canal and surely you have noticed also that there is a rock which has beautiful lighting at nights.



I suggest to build here a nice waterfall. The waterfall will be built on that rock and due to lighting the church area will be much more beautiful at nights and I’m sure that tourists will also like this. It’s also possible to place some benches nearby for tourists as wall as for lovers to enjoy beautiful night view of the church and the waterfall.


I think the funds for building this waterfall isn’t too much. I have no any idea about the construction and I can’t suggest a way how to build it, but there are proper specialists who can find a nice solutions for this waterfall. Perhaps I can say that water can be taken from the canal and to pump it to the top of the waterfall by pumps.


Thank you for the offer.