Remove all gasoline kiosks from Yerevan

Remove all gasoline kiosks from Yerevan
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Armen Dulyan suggests:

I suggest removing all gasoline kiosks from Yerevan immediately. They threaten lives and health of the citizens, distorts the appearance of the capital, which is not appropriate for a civil city.

Suggest making a Municipality-level decision for immediate removing of all gasoline kiosks, without any compensation. The Gasoline kiosks are located quite close to residential areas and have been damaging people’s health and killing them slowly for years, hampering their normal life. That is why the owners of kiosks do not deserve to get compensation. They present a huge threat to people, because security rules are always violated, workers turn on electric heaters and also smoke just there. To get sure in my words, I suggest coming and seeing the state of the gasoline kiosk at 61 Charents street, just in front of my house windows. For years we are getting answer from Municipality that the question is under discussion, and during all those years we are breathing air intoxicated with gasoline gas and living under everyday threat of gasoline kiosk exploding. Taking into consideration, that there is nothing more precious than human life and health, I suggest making an immediate solution for urgent elimination of such disgraceful objects.


Thank you for the offer.