Tourist buses
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Tourist buses
Ed suggests:

It is a problem traveling to sites of Armenia from Yerevan for tourists.

I suggest that Yerevan should have special buses for tourists.  By these buses tourists will be able to tour about the sights of Armenia in safe and comfortable conditions, listening to the guides telling about Armenia and its historical and cultural sights. Besides, headphones can be provided on the buses by which the tourists can listen to the translation of the guide’s text.


Thank you for yor offer.

Sightseeing tours of Armenia from Yerevan are provided by private tourism companies.

Yerevan Municipality has worked out a route program "Yerevan City tour". The main objective of this program is to get acquainted the tourists and guest of the city with the historical and cultural monuments and cultural sights. One will have a great opportunity by multilingual system to listen interesting comments about history, culture, architecture, nature, urban beauty and other cultural values of our warm and sunny city. Yerevan City Tour is an official city tour of Yerevan, organized by Yerevan Municipality. For more information about the official City tour of Yerevan please contact Unit of tourism development Programs of Yerevan Municipality.